Thursday, July 30, 2015

A+J's {semi} sarcastic guide to cruising

Earlier this summer, Jesse and I got to take a special vacation all over the Caribbean with two of our best friends. When we got married, we always planned to take a special trip in Year 3, so after much consideration - we decided on a cruise! Originally, we wanted to go to Europe but quickly realized that with our particular line of work, the idea of packing 7 to 10 days with walking and exploring and cutlure-ing was far less appealing than lying on a beach and eating a LOT of food. What can I say? We know our strengths. 

After one week-long cruise, I am definitely not an expert. However, I do have some basic insights to offer.

And I give you,

A+J's Semi-Sarcastic Guide to Cruising

1. Go with friends and enjoy the constant laughter that will ensue when trapped on a boat in the middle of a beautiful ocean.
2. Take advantage of the unlimited food option...meaning, order three appetizers, two entrees, three desserts every evening. This is not a drill!
3. Work out at overly-mirrored gym (for motivation, see above).
4. Frequent the nightly the Dive-In-Movie (movies, under the stars, by the pool, need I say more?). *We may or may not have watched The Fault In Our Stars and may or may not have sobbed uncontrollably.*
5. Realize that you NEVER have to wait in line for a buffet meal - you can go to the dining room and feel fancy every single day. 
6. Plan your own on-shore excursions. Except when you're in Belize... 
7. DO dress up for formal nights...or risk feeling awkward around some of the people taking it waaaay to seriously.
8. Allow your husband to graciously treat you to an afternoon at the spa! Life. Changing.
9. Take far too many photos on your smart phone and try not to mock those who insist on prom-posing for the on-board ones with the fake backgrounds.
10. Take naps. Because all that eating and doing nothing is really SO exhausting!

setting sail from Miami

adventuring in Honduras

Grand Cayman

So thankful for a wonderful week with incredible friends and a wonderful husband! In summary, I highly recommend cruising. We had a really great time:) 



  1. You summed up your first Cruising Adventure PERFECTLY. Glad you had fun. It's Phil and I's favorite way to vacation.

  2. ...says the friend literally named Paradise! Cool last name.

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